Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Christine Pelfrey.  I’m a divorced mother of two boys.  Raised and practicing Roman Catholic until recently. Now not quite sure where I fit. Unchurched and discerning seems to best describe it at this point. So what makes my coffee talk with God so special?  Nothing.  That’s sort of the point.  I’m nobody special – except to God.  My struggles aren’t the stuff of legend and lore.  I’m just an everyday gal trying to make sense of my everyday life.  Me and God – we have our issues at times.  But that’s okay, we can talk it out – well we can unless I’m having one of my hardheaded days when I’m not talking to Him.  But you know, sooner or later, I always end up admitting He was right in the first place. 

You’re invited to read about my life, my prayers, my struggles, my triumphs and maybe somewhere in that convoluted mess that is my life, you might find something you can identify with or perhaps a bit of wisdom or touch of inspiration.  Maybe you just like watching train wrecks.  Either way, I’m glad you’re here.


Contact Me: cpelfrey328@live.com

3 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Hello sister –
    I’m Kevin. Your website was sent to me a few minutes ago by a Christian friend who lives in PA and thought she recognized the name of our town. I immediately recognized your shot of Russian Beach looking towards the Wall on the top of your home page. I walk there frequently. I live behind St. James or behind the Blue Sky Diner which ever way you look at it. I’m also a Curcio alumnus. De Colores! I coincidentally (or not) had lunch with my friend who sponsored me on my weekend just last week. First time I spoke with him in thirteen years!

    I read some of your posts and noticed you have some health challenges. I was just told today that I have emphysema. Mild beginnings but still when you hear the one word that you’ve dreaded your whole life it is a punch in the gut. I quit smoking thirteen years ago just so I wouldn’t have to have some doctor give me the ultimatum later. Wages of sin, or my bad luck. Whatever. I’m curious as to what church (parish) you belong to.

    If you write back that would be a blessing. If not, just remember that God is in control!

    God bless you Christine!

    PS – I left this reply because I couldn’t get your email link to work.


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