Sunday Morning Grace

Sunday Morning Gift from christine pelfrey on Vimeo.

Remember those Verizon Wireless commercials: Can you hear me now? Yeah, well that’s pretty much been where God and I have been at lately. How many little things does it take? God doesn’t seem to be keeping score. He just keeps throwing little stuff my way, like a lover leaving ‘I Love You’ sticky notes all over the place, knowing me well enough to know I’d trip over anything too big.

I had a bad week. Nothing major, just stressed from work and the kids. By the time the weekend rolled around I was feeling wrung out and beat up. Saturday morning, I couldn’t wait to get down to the beach. There’s an osprey that I see every now and again. I love that bird. I was really hoping he’d put in an appearance. How could so much grace, power, strength and beauty be packed into one creature? He soars so high, stops, then dives under the water to capture his fish. Even the great bald eagle can’t pull that off! He doesn’t turn like most birds. He hovers, then changes course and my soul soars with him every time. I only see him every few weeks and most days he just passes by overhead. On a rare day, I see him catch his breakfast. Saturday he showed up with a friend. I watched the two of them flying long low passes up and down the beach. It took my breath away.

Okay God, that was AWESOME!! Thank you!! You just made my whole day perfect and it’s only 8:00!!

Sunday morning, I was at the beach by 7:30. I love to listen to the waves and the morning church bells. Well guess who showed up… Not only my osprey but SIX of them. No passing by overhead either. They swooped and dove and soared right in front of me for almost two hours. I sat on the seawall with my iPad and filmed for a few minutes. I gave up pretty quick. It doesn’t even begin to capture the moment. My jaw dropped when the third one showed up. When the fourth came from the other direction, I started to cry. I have NEVER seen anything like this.

This is Stratford Seawall… on a main drag… God… seriously?! WOW!!!! Speechless. Completely speechless! There. Are. Not. Words.

By 8:30 there were cars parked all the way down the wall. People were out walking, biking, jogging or just sitting on the wall, drinking their Sunday morning coffee and reading the paper. Almost all of them were completely oblivious to the display of power and grace right there in front of them! I wanted to scream, “ARE YOU BLIND?!”

Oh …. wait… How blind have I been?

But as my soul soared with my osprey towards the early morning sun, I knew…

It doesn’t matter…

God’s not keeping score.